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Lotton Glass Club

This art glass club was formed to give collectors and future collectors a place to learn about and appreciate the wonderful glass that has been and is currently being made by the Lotton family.

The Lotton Glass Club site contains photos and descriptions of early Lotton pieces through current pieces being made today. We have tried to provide examples, photos and descriptions of each type of this gorgeous glass artwork.

Club members have provided photos of pieces from their personal collections to share with the world. So please take a look at our site, explore the different areas including the Trader Area section, the Library, and most importantly, sign up as a member today FREE!

Certainly the main goal of this club is to unite fellow collectors, and share information with collectors of this wonderful glass.  We have found that even long-time collectors don’t always know which pieces are rare and therefore more collectible.

This information hasn’t been provided anywhere else as far as we have found, and for this glass to continue to be the excellent investment that it has been in recent years, we feel it’s imperative to educate collectors.  Since this information is not readily available elsewhere, we intend to pool all of our resources together to make this site and club something very unique and special.  We have some very educated contributors to the site!